21 October 2017

Time to Admit Failure in Afghanistan

... And for a number of years, we did very well. Education, health services, democratic institutions, women’s rights, their arrival on the scene of Afghanistan – because of the support of the Afghan people and because of the support of all the countries present here, primarily, the big powers, Russia, China, Iran and so on. I was taken to the United States on a US plane. I was brought to Moscow, Mr President, on a Russian plane. Your government may have not told you. I came here on a Russian plane. I went to China on a Chinese plane. The Indians provided the same facilities. It was this massive international cooperation with the United States and its allies that made a success.
But soon, we began to get troubles. Extremism arrived again, violence erupted again, terrorism arrived again. And the US did not pay attention to where it was coming from. It began bombing Afghan villages, it began killing Afghan people, it began putting Afghan people in prisons. And the more they did the more we had extremism.
Today, I am one of the greatest critics of the US policy in Afghanistan. Not because I am anti-Western, I am a very Western person. My education is Western, my ideas are Western. I am very democratic in my inner instincts. And I love their culture. But I am against the US policy because it is not succeeding. It is causing us immense trouble and the rise of extremism and radicalism and terrorism. I am against the US policy because on their watch, under their total control of the Afghan air space, the Afghan intelligence and the Afghan military, of all that they have, that super power, there is Daesh in Afghanistan. How come Daesh emerged in Afghanistan 14–15 years after the US presence in Afghanistan with that mass of resources and money and expenditure? Why is the world not as cooperative with America in Afghanistan today as it was before? How come Russia now has doubts about the intentions of the US in Afghanistan or the result of its work in Afghanistan? How come China does not view it the same way? How come Iran has immense difficulty with the way things are conducted in Afghanistan?
Therefore, as an Afghan in the middle of this great game, I propose to our ally, the United States, the following: we will all succeed if you tell us that you have failed. We would understand. Russia would understand, China would understand. Iran, Pakistan, everybody would understand. India would understand. We have our Indian friends there. We see all signs of failure there, but if you do not tell us you failed, what is this, a game?
Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan

08 January 2017

The Fall of the House of Clinton

In the above video, you can view the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Jr. calling for Barack Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton before leaving office.

Undoubtedly, Rev. Jackson is carrying water for the Clintons in making that request. He is, as Black Agenda editor Glen Ford points out in the video, a very loyal servant of the Clintons. And as a loyal servant, Rev. Jackson would never make a request so damaging to the Clintons without their approval.

It's a damaging request because the legal nuance that a person need not be guilty to be pardoned is far too complicated for the general public. Instead, it will be understood more in the vein of "where there's smoke there's fire," that the Clintons are guilty of a serious crime.

Although Jackson mentions only a pardon for Hillary Clinton in the short video clip, there can be no doubt that it is a pardon for both Clintons that is actually being run up that trial balloon's tether. The evidence of their jointly-owned pay-for-play racket that emerged in the last days before the election is simply too strong.

So what we see in this video is the moment the House of Clinton fell. Now they want protection, ostensibly from Donald Trump, but in reality from whomever might come bearing pitchforks in the future. The Clintons made very powerful enemies during their reign, not the least of which are the Dark State commanders outraged by Clinton's lackadaisical attitude toward classified information.

Since the Clintons have asked for it, I'm fairly confident that Barack Obama will issue those pardons just before leaving The White House, even though it will be damaging to his legacy.

I can wish that their punishment was far more severe; the Clintons have the blood of millions of people on their hands done in by the wars they started. But things don't work that way during this period of our nation's history. So rather than the hangman's noose, confinement to a mental institution, or even banishment to the Isle of St. Helens, [1] the Clintons will walk free amongst us.

But at least their reign is over. Good riddance.