25 July 2018

Policy on Prosecuting Terrorists

"We will vigorously prosecute anyone who provides, or even attempts to provide, support to terrorists," United States Attorney Matthew Schneider said in a press release issued by the Department of Justice. Link
Umm ... Does that include members of the Central Intelligence Agency?

05 May 2018

Another John Kerry Howler

“Iran needs to recognize that the United States is not going to stand by while the [Mideast] region is destabilized or while people engage in overt warfare across lines — international boundaries — in other countries,” [U.S. Secretary of State  John] Kerry told PBS NewsHour.


He says, as the U.S. sends takfiri mercenaries into Syria to topple that nation's government.

18 April 2018

Putting a Torturer in Charge of the CIA?

Gina Haspel was nominated to head the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is scheduled to question Ms. Haspel next week and is expected to recommend her confirmation to that post shortly thereafter. Here is the email I sent to U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley today:

Dear Sen. Merkley,

I write to express my unwavering opposition to the nomination of Gina Haspel as Director of Central Intelligence. To have a Director so publicly associated with torture can only tarnish the reputation of our government and intensify distrust and fear of our nation throughout the world.

14 April 2018

More Presidential Hypocrisy

The nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep. No nation can succeed, in the long run, by promoting rogue states, brutal tyrants, and murderous dictators.
— Donald J. Trump [1]

21 October 2017

Time to Admit Failure in Afghanistan

... And for a number of years, we did very well. Education, health services, democratic institutions, women’s rights, their arrival on the scene of Afghanistan – because of the support of the Afghan people and because of the support of all the countries present here, primarily, the big powers, Russia, China, Iran and so on. I was taken to the United States on a US plane. I was brought to Moscow, Mr President, on a Russian plane. Your government may have not told you. I came here on a Russian plane. I went to China on a Chinese plane. The Indians provided the same facilities. It was this massive international cooperation with the United States and its allies that made a success.
But soon, we began to get troubles. Extremism arrived again, violence erupted again, terrorism arrived again. And the US did not pay attention to where it was coming from. It began bombing Afghan villages, it began killing Afghan people, it began putting Afghan people in prisons. And the more they did the more we had extremism.
Today, I am one of the greatest critics of the US policy in Afghanistan. Not because I am anti-Western, I am a very Western person. My education is Western, my ideas are Western. I am very democratic in my inner instincts. And I love their culture. But I am against the US policy because it is not succeeding. It is causing us immense trouble and the rise of extremism and radicalism and terrorism. I am against the US policy because on their watch, under their total control of the Afghan air space, the Afghan intelligence and the Afghan military, of all that they have, that super power, there is Daesh in Afghanistan. How come Daesh emerged in Afghanistan 14–15 years after the US presence in Afghanistan with that mass of resources and money and expenditure? Why is the world not as cooperative with America in Afghanistan today as it was before? How come Russia now has doubts about the intentions of the US in Afghanistan or the result of its work in Afghanistan? How come China does not view it the same way? How come Iran has immense difficulty with the way things are conducted in Afghanistan?
Therefore, as an Afghan in the middle of this great game, I propose to our ally, the United States, the following: we will all succeed if you tell us that you have failed. We would understand. Russia would understand, China would understand. Iran, Pakistan, everybody would understand. India would understand. We have our Indian friends there. We see all signs of failure there, but if you do not tell us you failed, what is this, a game?
Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan

08 January 2017

The Fall of the House of Clinton

In the above video, you can view the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Jr. calling for Barack Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton before leaving office.