13 February 2012

About The Relatively Free Press blog

This blog's title pays an old man's homage to a young man's never-realized goal of founding The North-Central Idaho Relatively Free Press.

In that vision, the relative freedom of the newspaper flowed from its acceptance of revenue only from subscribers and for publication of legal notices. Which may explain a lot about why the goal was never realized.

But in the present milieu, not even subscribers are required if you have a working computer and a decent internet connection. I've got both, so the dream of a news publication beholden to no commercial bias can finally be realized, especially now that I am retired with a fully-vested retirement income.

Not that my plans include only news reports. We'll see how this develops, but having had a few special subject blogs and other web sites, I've long felt the need for a blog where i was not confined to any particular subject. So don't be surprised if you find a potpourri of topics being stirred here.
— Paul