16 May 2012

Were I Emperor of the World … version 1 Million-Plus

When confronted with global politics, I frequently lapse into a daydream about awakening one morning to find myself suddenly Emperor of Earth … with omnipotent powers. My first task, obviously, is to decide, what shall I do next? I've never had the same answer twice (which undoubtedly says something about my ability to reason)

But tonight a a thought worthy of notation bubbled to the surface in response to that question:

I would assemble all women still living whom I have loved during my life then ask them, "do you want to reign with me or return to whence you came?"

I would appoint those who answer "yes" as my Imperial Council and tell them, "do with this world as you please."

Then I would head back to the Imperial Cave for a nap, confident that my world was in better hands than my own.

I've loved some great women and still do.

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